Reserved Judgment – The Alien: Isolation Developer Diary

Alien: Isolation has a lot of pressure on it, not only to get rid of the bad taste that everyone has in their mouths after last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, but to also deliver a game that is worthy of the Alien name.

Well, if this developer diary called Creating The Alien is anything to go by, then this game could finally be delivering what fans have been craving for years. Check out the video below.

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In this video we see various people involved with the game discussing what the alien is like. We learn that the alien is huge, incredibly powerful and will be a major threat whether you’re armed or not. It will also not have any movement or strategic patterns for the player to pick up on, as it will instead adapt to the moves and choices that you are making.

Alien: Isolation will release for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One late this year. Check out the developer diary at the top of this post.

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