News Judgment – Hideo Kojima Interested In Silent Hill Series

Have you ever dreamed that the ingenious game creator Hideo Kojima would take over one of your beloved game series? Well, as a result of a Twitch Q&A, it turns out that Kojima would very much like to take a stab at the Silent Hill series.

Kojima was asked what franchise he would like to take on next, in which he mentions the Silent Hill franchise. He goes on to say the following:  “Hopefully sometime in the future I am able to work on this.”

It’s worth mentioning that Kojima works for Konami, who is the same company that publishes the Silent Hill series. The last installment in the series was the surprisingly solid Silent Hill Downpour.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

Hideo Kojima working on the Silent Hill series? Are you flippin’ serious? I would be absolutely pumped if this guy came on board worked on the next installment in the series. With him involved, I would feel pretty confident that the series would be able to churn out some incredible games.

Judgment: Condone


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