News Judgment – Shovel Knight Delayed

Shovel Knight was all set to be released on 3DS, PC and Wii U on March 31st, but developer Yacht Club Games has announced on their Kickstarter page that the game is not quite ready for prime time.

Yacht Club Games posted the following message on their Kickstarter page:

“This update is to let everyone know that Shovel Knight will be missing March 31 by a few weeks to make sure it’s a world class experience, and can release on all platforms simultaneously. This isn’t a major delay, or a long one; it’s simply a stretch of time to get everything polished and aligned. While major development is quickly drawing to a close, there are still some external factors, like submission preparation, which need a little bit more breathing room before the game goes live.”

Condemn (OR) Condone:

This is the kind of delay that doesn’t worry me much. It’s not like they have to go back to the drawing board on something, they’re just polishing everything to make every piece as good as it can be. Nothing wrong with that.

Judgment: o(R)


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