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Destiny's PlayStation Content To Remain Exclusive For An Entire Year?

Bungie’s highly-anticipated MMO/FPS/RPG, Destiny, is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but it has been no secret that the game has been heavily advertised as a PlayStation 4 game. The game is getting content that will only be available on PlayStation 4, while already receiving an alpha and next month a beta that is a time PlayStation exclusive, as well.

Like with any exclusive content, there is usually a timed window for how long that content will remain exclusive. This usually lasts around a few months, though if reports are to be believed then Destiny’s exclusive content will remain exclusive a lot longer.

According to the game’s listing on Amazon, Destiny’s exclusive content will remain exclusive until *at least* Fall 2015. That is a hell of a lot longer than how long timed exclusivity usually lasts, so we’ll have to wait on Bungie’s official word on whether or not this is legit. However, considering how much Bungie seems to be favoring the PlayStation 4 it would not surprise me.

My Judgment:

Seeing as I will be buying it for the PlayStation 4, I’m obviously thrilled at the prospect of exclusive content. However, I’m not one of those fanboy douchebags who bashes every other system to try and make myself seem better than everyone else. I own all the systems and I love them all, and I think that everyone should have a shot at everything that Destiny has to offer. PlayStation is definitely the preferential console for this game, but it’s good to know that (eventually) Xbox owners will be able to play the exclusive content, too.

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