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It Takes 5 Billion Years To See Every Planet In ‘No Man’s Sky’

No Man's SkyHello Games’ No Man’s Sky has been receiving quite a bit of hype ever since it was announced due to its unique gameplay and visuals. In the game you have the ability to explore the near-infinite bounds of space, with each planet being unique from the last.

Every game has to have a limit, right? Well, sort of. In an interview with IGN, Hello Studios’ co-founder Sean Murray said that it would take approximately 5 billion years to see everything in the game.

Yup, that’s a pretty long time.

No Man’s Sky is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and PC and is set to be released sometime next year.

Silent Hills Kojima

‘P.T.’ Is Actually A New Silent Hill Game From Hideo Kojima Called ‘Silent Hills’

Sony innocently enough released a demo for a horror game called P.T. at Gamescom, with many just assuming it was another horror game in a recent slew of horror games.

Well, they were wrong. Upon completion of the demo, it is revealed that P.T. is actually a new entry in the Silent Hill series called Silent Hills that is being developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, with actor Norman Reedus being the protagonist.

There aren’t any other details about the game yet, but you better believe more will be coming very soon. This is huge news, as Hideo Kojima is one of the most acclaimed developers in video games today and i’m beyond excited to see what he brings to the series. Check out the teaser for Silent Hills below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE0JDQJFbTw’%5D

Tearaway PS4

PlayStation Vita’s ‘Tearaway’ Being Redesigned For PlayStation 4

The poor PlayStation Vita. It doesn’t have many games, and the one shining gem that it does have is now being redesigned for PlayStation 4. That’s right, Tearaway is coming to the PlayStation 4 and is waving bye-bye to the sad and neglected Vita.

The game utilizes the PlayStation 4’s touch pad for various gameplay mechanics and to traverse through the game’s incredibly imaginative and vivid world. It’s from the creators of LittleBIGPlanet known as Media Molecule, so any charm contained within is entirely expected.

Check out the new trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Tearaway below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INgdq_HuTMg’%5D


Michel Ancel’s ‘WiLD’ Announced Exclusively For PlayStation 4

Another promising indie game was revealed at Sony’s Gamescom event, with this one being from Michel Ancel. The game is called WiLD and is being developed by his new indie studio exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The video shows off a sort of fantasy-survival setting set in ancient times when hunters & gatherers lived. According to the video’s description, it is an online survival adventure game devoted to the wilderness that is set 10,000 years ago when humanity and nature were one.

Check out the trailer for WiLD below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVcv4lihhUQ’%5D

'Dead Nation' Devs Reveal 'Alienation' Exclusively For PlayStation 4

At Sony’s Gamescom event, a new indie game from developer Housemarque was revealed to be coming out for the PlayStation 4. The game is a top down shooter called Alienation that is similar to Dead Nation, but this game features aliens instead of zombies. There’s a heck of a lot of action going on in this thing, and it looks like there’s plenty of different ways you can go about surviving.

Check out the trailer for Alienation below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NmdrgAEw8k’%5D

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Release Date Revealed

The PC slice ’em up game Shadow Warrior came out last year and provided mild amounts of entertainment for all parties involved, but now we know exactly when that same games (with some extras) will be coming to consoles. Developer Devolver Digital has revealed that Shadow Warrior will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 23rd.

As mentioned previously, the console versions of Shadow Warrior will have a few new bells and whistles; including the Arena mode, more campaign content and all-new weapons.

Although a price hasn’t officially been revealed, Devolver Digital has gone on record saying that they are aiming for a $39.99 price tag.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Release Date Moved Up

Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed that Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has moved up a week, making it yet another game that is sneaking out of the over-crowded month of October.

The game was originally set to release on October 7th, but now it is hitting North America on September 30th. The game will then be released on PC and Steam on October 2nd.

WB claims that the release was moved up due to fans excitement, but I think it’s pretty obvious that October 7th  was simply too crowded of a release date. The date still hols NBA 2k15, DriveClub and Alien: Isolation, with Dragon Age: Inquisition recently being pushed back to November from its original October 7th release date.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (PlayStation 4) Review – Everybody! Follow Me!

When going back to games released in the PlayStation One era of video games it’s hard not to notice the vast creativity and imagination that went into many of the titles. In a current era of gaming that is dominated by annualized franchises that basically offer the same game with different paint each year, it’s crazy to think back to a time where games with true imagination and ingenuity were plentiful rather than scarce.

That’s what makes it all the more welcoming to have a game from that era get the remake treatment. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey came out for the original PlayStation and PC back in 1997, and today it has been completely remade from the ground up in a new version called Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. The creators have, thankfully, left the core design of the game untouched, and instead focused on tweaking little gameplay elements and giving the graphics a much-needed overhaul.

This unique little side-scroller stars an alien named Abe, who is a pathetic little alien belonging to a race called Mudokans that are enslaved as workers in a factory called Rupture Farms. As Abe wanders the halls of Rupture Farms one night he stumbles across a conversation with the rulers of the factory, and in his eavesdropping he learns very unsettling information. The leaders of Rupture Farms plan to create a new kind of food to sell, and it will be made with the meat of Abe and all of his fellow Mudokans!

Oddworld 1

Alas, this leaves Abe with two options:

  1. become a meal
  2. run for his life

After careful consideration, Abe goes with option 2 and decides to flee Rupture Farms and rescue as many of his Mudokans as he can along the way. Of course, the environment of Rupture Farms and all other locations throughout the game are swarming with enemies waiting to shoot him, boulders waiting to crush him and swinging blades waiting to chop him up. Abe’s quest to save the Mudokans and stop Rupture Farms isn’t going to be easy, but he will soon realize that it is his destiny

New ‘n’ Tasty‘s main goal is to present Abe’s Oddysey as a game that keeps up, graphically, with the game’s of 2014, and developer Just Add Water performed wonderfully in that regard. This game’s artistic style is gorgeous in its own right, but utilizing the Unity Engine with full HD makes this one of the most visually-pleasing side-scrollers yet. There are plenty of great backdrops in the game, from the ominous factory to the lush forests and night sky in the world beyond Rupture Farms, and each environment is richly detailed.

It’s the level design in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty that makes it continually engaging and challenging to play the whole way through. From the very beginning you will have to do your best to tiptoe, jump and roll your way past obstacles and enemies, with many of these operations being time sensitive. Many of these levels are so challenging that they put a lot of modern platformers to shame, showing just how much more difficult games were back in the ’90s. This game will not hold your hand one bit, and that’s part of what makes it so enthralling.


Of course, just getting through the levels is only half the battle, as you also have the secondary objective of rescuing as many Mudokans as you can. As you proceed through the levels it is up to you to get the attention of other Mudokans and then command them to follow you if the coast is clear or wait if it isn’t. This is where the true challenge comes in, as ensuring not only your own safety but the safety of the others is always a tricky juggling act. If the enemies ever become aware of your presence they will often take it out on the other poor Mudokans, so you must time your actions very precisely to come out on the other side successfully.

Luckily for gamers who aren’t quite as adept at retro platfromers, New ‘n’ Tasty not only offers plenty of checkpoints but also a quicksave feature, meaning that you can save anywhere you want as long as you are on solid ground and not alerting other enemies. This was a vital feature for me in my playthrough, as many times I would have to get through a small section of a level and then quicksave to avoid having to do it all over again. Sometimes the game can have a very trial and error kind of feeling, which is remedied greatly due to the generous saving options that weren’t as present in the original version of the game.

The one aspect where the game isn’t so forgiving is the controls. Even though the game controls quite well, a lot of its challenges require pin-point accuracy, and being precise can be very finicky with the analog stick serving as your sole means of movement. The force at which you push the analog stick controls how quickly Abe moves, so when you are in very tight areas trying to avoid bombs and have to move quickly the controls will often do things you didn’t intend. Due to the fact that you will more than likely be doing over sections of a stage several times, it can be very aggravating when you failed because of an unexpected movement.


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is as good of a remake of a classic game that any could have asked for. Just Add Water has breathed new life into this world with beautiful graphics and a respect for the original design that makes it feel the same and new all at once. The game is definitely more difficult than your average platformer, but thanks to the new generous save system and the sense of satisfaction you get from finally overcoming its many trials it never gets to the point where you just want to give up on it. This is a game that was designed in a much different era of video games that now has a modern polish on its surface, and its the balance of both that makes it an unquestionable success.


Watch Dogs PlayStation 4

Watch Dogs (PlayStation 4) Review – Honey, I Hacked The City!

It isn’t every day where  an open world game comes along and truly feels like it is showing something entirely possible. Series like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row thrive on their own gleeful goofiness to create a world that is well-realized, yet still plainly fiction. Although Watch Dogs certainly falls in line with some of those very same tropes, its vision of a world that can be almost entirely manipulated by a push of a button is not something that is completely absurd in this day and age.

The game documents the life of Aiden Pearce, who is a man with a dark and mysterious past that eventually comes back to bite him in the butt. Though you never get a firm understanding of what this mysterious man is all about, you do get an inkling that he would rather put his questionable past behind him and live a normal life. However, that takes a turn for the worse when an old “friend” comes back and kidnaps his sister and nephew, and claims that he will only return them safely if Aiden helps him with a certain something. What follows is a rollercoaster ride that bounces between very questionable morality issues and super tense action stealth gameplay.

Although Watch Dogs‘ overall narrative may not be executed perfectly, what really elevated it for me was the very solid cast of supporting characters. Every major character that comes into the game feels fully realized and relatable; from the mysterious Clara to the legendary hacker T-Bone all the way to the games varied villains. It’s these characters that truly made me invest in the story, as even though the events themselves weren’t mind-blowing, I was nevertheless fully invested in them due to my interest in the entire cast.


The standout feature of Watch Dogs is that its core gameplay mechanic is that of hacking. Aiden Pearce has technology on him that allows him to hack into traffic lights, security cameras, barriers, steam pipes and a lot more as he rolls on through Chicago. Obviously, the fact that you can do all of this at a click of a button is frightening when you really think about, but used as the game’s main gameplay focus it almost makes the game feel like a real-life super hero story. Aiden Pearce may not have supernatural powers, but with the help of his trusty smartphone and hacking prowess he can basically control the entire city.

The process of hacking is often done with the simple click of a button, but the game also regularly throws a sort-of hacking mini-game at you for more story-focused and major aspects of the game. This mini-game shows you a screen of several interconnecting wires that you must connect by way of revolving pipe panels to connect the streams of electricity. The object is to get all streams of electricity to the final space which completes the hacking process. Sometimes the game gives you as much time as you need to complete this mini-game, though as the game ramps up the difficulty you’ll find situations where you have very little time to complete it. It’s these timed hacking scenarios where the mini-game truly shines, as they can be quite chaotic and filled with tension due to the time limit.

With hacking being used as the main gameplay mechanic, its a no-brainer that the core combat scenarios would favor stealth over all-out action. Ubisoft is no stranger to stealth games, having championed the Assassin’s Creed franchise for many years now, but this is the first time where they had to utilize it in a modern setting and I think they really succeeded in doing that with Watch Dogs. You’ll come across many scenarios where you will be in an area that is swarming with enemies that are unaware of your presence, and you have to hack into cameras to scope out the area, hack into objects to set them off and temporarily distract your enemies and doing everything you can to remain out of site. The game also allows you to go in guns blazing, but this makes each encounter relatively easy and pretty boring. This game allows you to tackle every situation however you want, but if you want the best experience possible then you’ll definitely want to focus on the stealth routes.


As you wander the streets of Chicago you are able to hack and profile each and every one of its residents, which gives you information on their name, income and interests. This gives the game a very unsettling atmosphere, as you have access to so much classified information as you are just walking down the street. However, this also gives some character and personality to random people that otherwise you wouldn’t give a second of thought to. When you’re given the option of hacking into someone’s personal bank account for some money, you just might think twice when you find out that the person has cancer and is preparing for an operation. All of this plays right into Watch Dogs‘ iffy morals, as knowing that kind of information about a stranger is wrong, but I would be lying if I said that it didn’t make the world of Watch Dogs feel more living and breathing than any other game of its kind that I have experienced.

Being an open-world game, there is definitely a lot more that you can do outside of the main story. You can do things like prevent other crimes from happening by tracking down criminals, hack into ctOS systems to get full informational reign on a particular city district, play chess, purchase new weapons to take down your enemies in new ways, and a hell of a lot more. What makes all of this variety work is that none of it feels like filler – just about everything that Watch Dogs offers you ranges from enjoyable to all-out crazy fun. Much like the information overload world that we live in today, the game is constantly throwing new stuff at you to play around with, and it’s easy to simply lose track of the actual main storyline and just get lost in the myriad of optional stuff the game has in store for you.

This leads us into the game’s online mode, which is surprisingly one of the game’s strongest features. The online mode offers a variety of different things to do, and it all loads and takes place in the game’s city. This means that you can be playing an offline mission while the game is searching for opponents to play with, which makes the transition between offline and online modes near-seamless. This is made even more smooth by the fact that other players are able to “hack” your game, which results in you receiving a reading of their general location on your in-game map and then having to find and take them down. It’s an absolute blast and reminded me a lot of the tension that would arise from suddenly being invaded in the Dark Souls series.


As far as more traditional online modes, Watch Dogs offers plenty of fun times through a few well-created modes. You have the option to hack into other players games and try and steal data from them without being caught, racing a bunch of other players and utilizing hacking to get an advantage, and an excellent mode called Decryption where two teams face off to collect and decrypt a file. All of these modes utilize the game’s unique features really well, and will definitely be the part of the game that I and I’m sure countless others will be returning to for the foreseeable future.

All of this talk about optional things to do in Watch Dogs and I haven’t even talked about the best one of all: Digital Trips. The game describes Digital Trips as an app that uses binaural frequencies from the smartphone to put Aiden into an unconscious dream state where he can play crazy virtual games inside of his head. There are 5 Digital trips to pick from; and they are called Alone, Madness, Spider-tank, Conspiracy! and Psychedelic. These modes ask you to do various ridiculous things like sneak past robot sentries, run over demons in hell and fuel your vehicle with their souls, stay airborne by bouncing off of groovy flowers, and even controlling a giant spider-tank and wreaking havoc on Chicago. I can’t begin to describe how much fun some of these modes are, as some of them could warrant being stand-alone games all on their own.

Watch Dogs is a huge game that is always offering a bunch of things for you to do, and it always feels like something worthwhile. The main story is very enjoyable in its own right and will last you a solid 15-ish hours, but it barely taps the surface of all the other great things you can do. The game is certainly questionable when it comes to what it wants to say and how it says it from a moral standpoint, but there is no question that the Watch Dogs universe is not something that seems *too* out of the question in the world we live in today. It’s this sense of immersion of the game’s world and its constant reminders of what could be coming in our own world that makes Watch Dogs truly shine.


Gearbox Battleborn

Gearbox Software Announces New IP Battleborn

Gearbox Software, the developer responsible for the critically-acclaimed Borderlands series, has just revealed a brand new IP they are working on called Battleborn. The dev made the announcement in the latest issue of Game Informer, where they described the game as a first person battle arena.

Battleborn will blend several different genres, according to Gearbox, making it a highly-stylized FPS that will have co-op. The game will also reportedly have a large amount of characters to play as.

Battleborn Gearbox

Battleborn is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though Gearbox notes that a PC version will also be coming somewhere down the line.


Crimsonland Coming To PlayStation 4 On July 15h

In an interesting bit of news today, developer 10Tons has revealed that their 2003 top-down PC shooter Crimsonland will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this month on July 15th.

The developer made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, revealing that it is largely the same game with spruced up visuals and a bit more content. Here’s a snippet of the blog post discussing the game:

It’s not a complicated game. You play this Trooper guy. Aliens, giant spiders, zombies, and other monsters start coming at you from every direction. You shoot them, but more keep coming. Soon enough you’ll be running. Just when you think you’re dead, you get some awesome powerups and wipe the screen clear in few seconds, and it feels great. But an even bigger horde is already coming right at you.

Developer 10Tons is responsible for several games that have a more retro style, such as Sparkle and Boom Brigade. Check them out over at their website right here.


Destiny Bungie PlayStation 4

Destiny's PlayStation Content To Remain Exclusive For An Entire Year?

Bungie’s highly-anticipated MMO/FPS/RPG, Destiny, is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but it has been no secret that the game has been heavily advertised as a PlayStation 4 game. The game is getting content that will only be available on PlayStation 4, while already receiving an alpha and next month a beta that is a time PlayStation exclusive, as well.

Like with any exclusive content, there is usually a timed window for how long that content will remain exclusive. This usually lasts around a few months, though if reports are to be believed then Destiny’s exclusive content will remain exclusive a lot longer.

According to the game’s listing on Amazon, Destiny’s exclusive content will remain exclusive until *at least* Fall 2015. That is a hell of a lot longer than how long timed exclusivity usually lasts, so we’ll have to wait on Bungie’s official word on whether or not this is legit. However, considering how much Bungie seems to be favoring the PlayStation 4 it would not surprise me.

My Judgment:

Seeing as I will be buying it for the PlayStation 4, I’m obviously thrilled at the prospect of exclusive content. However, I’m not one of those fanboy douchebags who bashes every other system to try and make myself seem better than everyone else. I own all the systems and I love them all, and I think that everyone should have a shot at everything that Destiny has to offer. PlayStation is definitely the preferential console for this game, but it’s good to know that (eventually) Xbox owners will be able to play the exclusive content, too.


Dark Souls Director Reveals More Details About Bloodborne

Bloodborne is one of the most anticipated games that will be coming out for the PlayStation 4 next year, as it is being created by the developers that brought us the fantastic Souls series. Now, the game’s director has revealed a bit more info about what gamers can expect from Bloodborne and how it will differ from the Souls games.

Hidetaka Miyazaki said the following:

“We are still conducting final reviews of the death penalty, though we don’t plan on making it quite so severe. While death will occur often in this game, it’s important that it both does not place too much stress on the players and still makes them want to take on the challenge again, so we are regulating the death penalty with these things in mind.

He goes on to say:

“This is a bit off-topic, but to make sure the player still wants to give it another go, it’s also vital to give them a wide breadth of options in battle. The intention with our design is to provide a rich system that includes weapons such as guns and traps, among others. And while I said you will die plenty in this game, we similarly want to give the player the rush of nearly dying or thinking they are about to die, so we are always considering the best ways to govern this balance.”

My Judgment:

While it’s a little worrying to hear that Miyazaki might be toning down the difficulty in Bloodborne, the new styles of gameplay and the setting still sound intriguing. It will be interesting to see how a wider range of weapons will affect the punishing gameplay that the Souls series is known for.

Far Cry 4 Dudes

Far Cry 4 Gameplay Video Shows Off Elephant-Fueled Destruction!

Gamers will be getting another taste of the Far Cry series at the end of this year with Far Cry 4, which had a pretty dang impressive showing at this year’s E3. Thanks to a gameplay video released by PlayStation Access, we have now been given another glimpse of how insane this game is shaping up to be.

In the video, we get a semi-gameplay commentary about a scenario involving the protagonist and an elephant. Essentially, you are able to mount an elephant and go stomping through the village as you either pick off enemies from the top of your own personal Dumbo or let Dumbo stomp, lift and throw the baddies on its own. Hell yes.

The video is freakin’ nuts, so please check it out below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6I8Tlmr0RM’%5D

Far Cry 4 is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 18th.

My Judgment:

My ticket was already sold on this game, but then they went ahead and added freakin’ elephants to the equation and now I’m beyond ecstatic. My elephant is going to demolish *so many things*…

Mortal Kombat X's Box Art Features Series-Favorite Scorpion

A continuation of the famed Mortal Kombat franchise was revealed recently in a game called Mortal Kobat X, and now developer NeverRealm Studios has gone and revealed the official box art for next year’s fighting game.

Check out the box art below.

Mortal Kombat X Box Art

The studio also said the following in regards to what Mortal Kombat X is all about:

“Mortal Kombat X launches players into a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy.  For the first time, Mortal Kombat X gives players the ability to choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style. Players step into an original story showcasing some of the game’s most prolific characters including Scorpion and Sub-Zero, while introducing new challengers that represent the forces of good and evil and tie the tale together.”

My Judgment:

I think this box art is pretty killer (no pun intended). Scorpion is easily one of the most beloved Mortal Kombat characters around, so adorning the cover of the 10th installment of the series with a series favorite is a no-brainer. I think it would be cool if there was an alternate one featuring Sub-Zero, but what can you do?