Fatal Frame Wii U

New Fatal Frame Game To Be A Wii U Exclusive

The Fatal Frame series is set to make a comeback thanks to an upcoming collaboration between Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. The partnership between the two companies is resulting in this new game being a Wii U exclusive.

It doesn’t look like the game will be coming anytime soon, as a release date or name of the title have not been announced. Perhaps more info will be released at the next Nintendo Direct around E3?

Condemn (OR) Condone:

If this thing gets localized, then this would be a really good thing for the Wii U. The console needs more games that cater to people outside of the family-friendly crowd and this game can deliver just that. I’m just a little worried about how well it would do on the console, mostly due to the fact that the relatively small audience that the Wii U has doesn’t exactly consist of horror fanatics.

61 thoughts on “New Fatal Frame Game To Be A Wii U Exclusive

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