Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Releasing Later In The Year On Wii U

Watch Dogs

The highly-anticipated open-world action adventure game Watch Dogs is set to come out this spring on all current home consoles, but for a while we did not know whether the Wii U version was coming out at all. Games of this type tend to not sell as well on Nintendo’s systems, due to a smaller fan-base and the Wii U’s typically more family-friendly software.

However, now we know thanks to Ubisoft’s investor call that Watch Dogs is still being released on the Wii U, but it will not be releasing at the same time as on other platforms. There has been no specific time-period for the release of the Wii U version.

This is unfortunate news for Nintendo, because whether Watch Dogs comes out a week after the other versions or 6 months after the other versions, in the end it is going to hurt the Wii U. This is a highly-anticipated game that will surely sell a lot as soon as it comes out, and that means by the time it is released on Wii U those who really wanted it will already have it.

Still, the fact that they aren’t just rushing out an incomplete version of the Wii U game could be a positive thing, too. The game will feature many gadgets that the user will be able to utilize to essentially control an entire city, and I think the Wii U gamepad could offer some awesome interactivity with that concept. A gamepad screen that offers all of your gadgets at a simple finger-touch, not to mention having a map of the city in your hands the whole time could seriously end up making Watch Dogs on Wii U the definitive version. I just hope it isn’t too late by that point.

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