Final Fantasy X / X-2 'Valentines Day Trailer' Looks Like A Soap Opera

Final Fantasy X

Pretending that Final Fantasy X-2 didn’t happen, Final Fantasy X┬áis an excellent RPG that brought with it a playful yet still very serious tone thanks to its complex characters and apocalyptic theme. Final Fantasy X and X-2 are being remastered and re-released this March, and now Square Enix is capitalizing on the upcoming Valentines Day by releasing a Valentines Day trailer for both of these games. Umm… yeah.

If I hadn’t played Final Fantasy X before (ignoring X-2 as this trailer blatantly does) I would definitely not be seeking this game out. This trailer makes the game look like a corny-as-hell made-for-TV movie with piss-poor voice acting. Seriously, this trailer basically points out everything wrong with the game, to the horrendous and now infamous “laughing scene” to the cliche as all hell lake scene. Ugh, just know that the actual game is much better than this.

Well… Final Fantasy X is anyway.

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