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Killzone: Shadowfall getting Intercept co-op expansion

'Killzone: Shadowfall' Getting Intercept Co-Op Expansion In June

The PlayStation 4 exclusive FPS Killzone: Shadowfall is set to receive a co-op expansion in June that is called Intercept. What Intercept does is place you and up to three of your friends on Intelligence Squad Alpha, who are a special VSA team that have been tasked with going behind enemy lines and relaying information on the Helghast military.

The news revealed in a post on PlayStation.Blog, which also goes into detail about the combat roles you will have in Intercept. You have the choice between four different roles: Assault, Marksman, Medic and Tactician. You will essentially have to take down Helghast while simultaneously protecting your uplinks from assault.

Intercept comes with four arena maps that are based on areas from the single-player campaign. Interestingly, a stand-alone version is coming later this year for those who do not have Killzone: Shadowfall but still want to try out the co-op.

Perfect Day

PlayStation 4's 'Perfect Day' Ad Wins 2014 Marketing Award

The Game Marketing Awards took place last night, which annually awards the greatest video game marketing. Of those winners, the one that took home Outstanding TV Ad was PlayStation 4‘s Perfect Day.

In the ad, two gamers sing about how the other’s company keeps them hanging on as they ruthlessly try to beat the other in the live-action recreation of the games that they are playing.

You can check out a full list of all the winners right here and the Perfect Day ad below. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0d9d-cdxhk’%5D

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I love this ad, so I’m glad it beat out the competition. The mixture of the heart-warming lyrics and the viscous rivalry that is going on at the same time is genius.


Sony Selling Its Entire Stake In Square Enix, Valued At $47 Million

According to a Japanese news release, Sony is set to sell its entire stake in Square Enix. The announcement states that Sony will unload all 9.52 million shares in a transaction worth around $47 million.

This deal is set to take place on April 17th, and is being done in an effort to boost profitability. Sony previously announced that they would sell two major office buildings, lay off thousands of employees and sell off its PC division to try and return to a point of profitability.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

What the hell is up with all this bad news today? Sony selling off all this stock is a reminder of how crappy Square Enix has been and the unfortunate predicament that Sony is in, financially. This was definitely a good move on Sony’s end, though, as the merge that lead to Square Enix pretty much destroyed the Final Fantasy franchise.

Sony's Virtual Reality To Blow Oculus Rift Out Of The Water?

For a good while the press has been swirling about the future of virtual reality thanks to a product called the Oculus Rift. This device puts a headset over your eyes and utilizes various other items to fully immerse you in the gaming experience. The Oculus Rift was being coined by some as the true future of gaming, and would overshadow standard gaming as we know it in the future.

However, according to reports, Sony has been creating their own device, and third party developers are claiming that it is vastly superior to the Oculus Rift. Edge magazine reports that Sony will be unveiling this new device at next weeks GDC.

If the reports are true, then the people behind Oculus Rift are probably crapping their pants right now. The Oculus Rift hasn’t even made it to the retail market and Sony already has a product that many are calling superior? Uh-Oh…

Lightning Returns

Condemn (OR) Condone – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns

The latest Final Fantasy is out via Square Enix and Tri Ace and thus concludes the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It released in Japan in November of last year and scored a pretty impressive 37/40 from Famitsu, but how is it fairing now that it has hit the states? Well, depending on who you ask, not nearly as well. Continue reading