God Of War And Sly Cooper Collections Headed For Vita


The now classic God of War and God of War II games are making there way to the PlayStation Vita via the previous bundle that was available on PlayStation 3. Sony has announced that the God of War Collection will be coming out on the PlayStation Vita this spring and will retail for $30.

They also note that The Sly Trilogy will be coming to the Vita on May 27 in the US, with an April 16 in Europe. There was no price given for this version. Sony also noted that both games will feature touch and stick controls, and will be able to purchased as physical and digital versions.

Both the God of War and Sly Cooper series are highly-regarded amongst PlayStation fans, so if you haven’t tried these games out yet then this seems like a pretty good reason to. The Vita is an excellent system for these types of games, and if they can also integrate some of the system’s unique features then these could end up even being worth a double dip, if even just for the sheer fact that their now portable.



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