Crimsonland Coming To PlayStation 4 On July 15h

In an interesting bit of news today, developer 10Tons has revealed that their 2003 top-down PC shooter Crimsonland will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this month on July 15th.

The developer made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, revealing that it is largely the same game with spruced up visuals and a bit more content. Here’s a snippet of the blog post discussing the game:

It’s not a complicated game. You play this Trooper guy. Aliens, giant spiders, zombies, and other monsters start coming at you from every direction. You shoot them, but more keep coming. Soon enough you’ll be running. Just when you think you’re dead, you get some awesome powerups and wipe the screen clear in few seconds, and it feels great. But an even bigger horde is already coming right at you.

Developer 10Tons is responsible for several games that have a more retro style, such as Sparkle and Boom Brigade. Check them out over at their website right here.


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