Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield May Be Transitioning To A 3-Year Development Cycle

EA has stated that the way in which future Battlefield games are developed could be changing.

When asked about whether or not Activision’s move to a 3-year development cycle¬†for the Call of Dute franchise¬†had any effect on how EA is currently handling the Battlefield franchise, EA Studios EVP Patrick Soderlund said the following:

“What they [Activision] are doing mimics to some extent how we’re thinking. Obviously, more time, if managed correctly, yields a better product. So I would say that we’re similarly aligned, and that we’re taking a similar approach, but we haven’t articulated exactly what teams are working [on], because that would imply announcing things that we can’t right now.”

This would be a very wise move for the Battlefield franchise as a whole, because just about everyone agrees that the Battlefield 4 launch was a disaster. With many left unimpressed with what the Battlefield Hardline beta had to offer, it’s probably a good idea for them to take a little more time to fully-realize future installments.

17 thoughts on “Battlefield May Be Transitioning To A 3-Year Development Cycle

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