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Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield May Be Transitioning To A 3-Year Development Cycle

EA has stated that the way in which future Battlefield games are developed could be changing.

When asked about whether or not Activision’s move to a 3-year development cycle for the Call of Dute franchise had any effect on how EA is currently handling the Battlefield franchise, EA Studios EVP Patrick Soderlund said the following:

“What they [Activision] are doing mimics to some extent how we’re thinking. Obviously, more time, if managed correctly, yields a better product. So I would say that we’re similarly aligned, and that we’re taking a similar approach, but we haven’t articulated exactly what teams are working [on], because that would imply announcing things that we can’t right now.”

This would be a very wise move for the Battlefield franchise as a whole, because just about everyone agrees that the Battlefield 4 launch was a disaster. With many left unimpressed with what the Battlefield Hardline beta had to offer, it’s probably a good idea for them to take a little more time to fully-realize future installments.

Battlefield Hardline

The Next Battlefield: Hardline Beta Will Release On All Platforms This Fall

Although Visceral Games announced that the current beta for Battlefield: Hardline that was exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC is now over, they have promised that more testing will be coming to all platforms this fall.

In a post on the game’s official blog, they reveal that those who missed out on the first beta will be getting another chance in the not-too-distant future. They also reveal that the beta barely scratched the surface in regards to what the new Battlefield has in store for gamers.

The following is a snippet from the blog post:

“The Battlefield Hardline beta was just a small portion of what is in store. We have plenty of new modes in the game that really play off the cop and criminal theme, as well as the return of fan-favorites. The variety in maps is also something that Battlefield fans have never experienced before, from subterranean grow labs to the streets of Miami, complete with all the vibe and flavor that city has to offer.

Battlefield: Hardline will be released this October for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.