Demon's Souls II

Is This Leaked Footage From Demon's Souls 2?

Some very sweet (if true) rumors have been making the rounds about developer From Software possibly announcing a new game that looks a *heck* of a lot like their awesome Souls games at this year’s E3.

Now, a new 18-second video taken from this unknown game (code-named Project Beast) is showing off some of the action, and it absolutely screams the Souls series. We get a look at fog doors, enemies and some truly creepy music that is all very reminiscent of the Souls series. Check out the video below. [youtuber youtube=’’%5D

From Software hasn’t made any announcements yet, but E3 looks like it will be the perfect place to make a huge announcement like this. If this is Demon’s Souls II then that would mean that it will more than likely be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

My Judgment:

The Souls series is currently the best-running gaming franchise going right now, in my humble opinion, so if this does end up being legit then I am frickin’ ecstatic. Dark Souls II came out earlier this year and From Software delivered yet another awesomely-engrossing game, and I’m perfectly ready to hear that more of it is on the horizon.

50 thoughts on “Is This Leaked Footage From Demon's Souls 2?

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