GameCube Controller Adapter

GameCube Controller Adapter Coming To Wii U!

The GameCube controller is what many believe is one of Nintendo’s best controllers, as it was still being used on many Wii games or classic games that supported it. However, Wii U has no such support for the great controller and that fact has left many fans upset with the new Super Smash Bros. looming on the horizon.

That is all about to change, though. Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros. Wii U will support GameCube controllers thanks to a new peripheral that is being released. They also announced that they will be releasing brand new controllers for the game and upcoming peripheral.

Nintendo released a video that contains a tease of this adapter, which they have dubbed the GameCube Controller Adapter. It is a four-port peripheral that plugs right into the Wii U and supports all kinds of GameCube controllers. They even revealed a new GameCube controller with the Super Smash Bros. logo on it.

Check out the video about the Smash Bros. Invitational and the new GameCube Controller Adapter below. [youtuber youtube=’′%5D

My Judgment:

The GameCube controller was awesome, so of course I’m glad that there will now be away to continue to use it in the newest generation of Nintendo. What has me even more excited is that they are actually producing brand new controllers, so those whose over-10-year-old controllers that are showing their age will be able to get brand new ones. That’s great news.

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