Bulletstorm People Can Fly

People Can Fly Discuss Cancelled Game That Was "LA Noire Meets Uncharted"

People Can Fly are the developers behind the game Bulletstorm, though they had another game in the pipelines that looked to be a very ambitious title that mixed several different genres.

Speaking with Eurogamer, People Can Fly leader Adrian Chmielarz discussed game they were working on that was cancelled by publisher THQ:

“The problem with the game was that it was very hard to explain,” former People Can Fly leader Adrian Chmielarz said to Eurogamer, “in a way that it mixed noire, survival-horror, adventure, thriller, love story… The closest I can give you would be a more streamlined LA Noire – LA Noire meets Uncharted, in a way.

He goes on to describe the character:

“You are a private eye and you start a normal investigation, but it turns out that there are some otherworldly powers at work, and you can communicate with the dead.”

However, THQ pulled the rug out from underneath the project and left everyone rather pissed:

“THQ seriously f***ed us over at this point,” he added. “They just cancelled. ‘OK we’re just cancelling the game – see ya.’ It’s all corporate bulls***; three weeks before, they cancelled all communication – no phone calls, stopped answering emails. Absolute a**holes.”

So, for the time being it looks like this game will not be seeing the light of day. If it does, though, I’m sure People Can Fly will not be giving THQ a call.

40 thoughts on “People Can Fly Discuss Cancelled Game That Was "LA Noire Meets Uncharted"

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