Nintendo Struggling

Nintendo Posts Huge Loss Thanks (Or Not) To Wii U

Nintendo’s fiscal year ended on March 31st and since then they have been gathering the exact numbers that the company posted in the past year. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the numbers are, again, pretty bad.

Nintendo posted a 46.4 billion yen ($457 million) loss at the end of their most recent fiscal year, which makes it 3 years in a row that the company has come up negative.

This (obviously) is due to the still struggling Wii U system. Originally, Nintendo was estimating that the Wii U would sell 9 million units in the most recent fiscal year, but then they gave that estimate a huge downgrade when they dropped it to just 2.8 million. Well, the exact numbers even came up a bit short of the downgrade, with the Wii U selling just 2.72 million units.

Nintendo said the following in a financial statement:

“The Wii U hardware still has a negative impact on Nintendo’s profits owing mainly to its markdown in the United States and Europe and unit sales of software, which has high profit margins, did not grow sufficiently.”

Luckily for Nintendo, the 3DS continues to sell exceptionally well. The hardware sales for the most recent fiscal year were 12.24 million, bringing its total to a very impressive 43 million units.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Posts Huge Loss Thanks (Or Not) To Wii U

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