Mercenary Kings

News Judgment: 'Mercenary Kings' Free On PlayStation Plus Due To Sales Concerns

Developer Tribute Games recently made their newest game Mercenary Kings available for free on PlayStation PlusInstant Game Collection. This was a surprise to many, as this came just one week after the launch of PC version that was selling well.

The programmer Jean-Francois Major said the following on the decision:

“The decision was particularly tough because I knew the sales we had during Steam Early Access.”

He goes on to say:

“maybe we could’ve done better on our own, but the PS Plus deal was a safe bet.”

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I think this was a risky but really smart move on the developers part. They are getting some money from the contract that they signed with Sony, but they are also going to get a big audience for the game due to the fact that it’s free. That’s the kind of move that pay off big time somewhere down the road, and the fact that the game is good is a win for everybody. Judgment: Condone


47 thoughts on “News Judgment: 'Mercenary Kings' Free On PlayStation Plus Due To Sales Concerns

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