The Last Of Us: Remastered Announce Trailer Is… Informative…

The Scoop:

Gamers have been tormented for weeks now about a possible PS4 port of last year’s The Last Of Us, and now (after much teasing) developer Naughty Dog has decided to stop your bleeding and just confirm the damn thing already.

How did they confirm it? Well, by way of this little announce trailer that you can watch right below.

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Condemn (OR) Condone:

OK, so I understand that this trailer basically gives us *nothing* when it comes to information we don’t already know. We know how many flippin’ game of the year awards it won, we know that Joel is emo and we know that this thing will look all pretty when it hits this summer.

The one thing it *does* give us is a remastered version of the emotional giraffe scene at the end of the game. It looked completely stunning, and was quite enough to make me soil myself.

I need a new pair of undies, but before that I’ll let you know that my judgment is Condone.

[Note] For a breakdown of the judgments click here.

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