Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold Cold Heart XE Suit Is Monstrous

Even though everyone is way more pumped for Batman: Arkham Knight that hits later this year (and rightfully so), the prequel game Batman: Arkham Origins will be bringing more Batman later this month. In this new DLC, Batman takes on Mr. Freeze and it looks like he has a new suit to commemorate the occasion.

A tweet from the official BatmanArkham twitter account posted the following picture:


This picture shows off Batman’s new gear called the XE Suit. It looks like this thing is an anti-ice machine that will probably work well in melting Mr. Freeze’s smug face.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I really like this new suit. It makes Batman look more like Bane, and it will be interesting to see what those heated gloves are capable of against all of the frozen madness that will more than likely be contained in this DLC.

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115 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Origins' Cold Cold Heart XE Suit Is Monstrous

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