News Judgment – Watch Dogs' Story Mode Lasts 35-40 Hours

Watch Dogs releases in just a few flippin’ months, and now the game’s creative director Jonathan Morin took to twitter and revealed just how long gamers will be sinking their teeth into the game.

Morin tweeted the following:

“I would say the average player which does free roam a bit tend to reach the end within 35-40h. But doing everything is close 100h, and these don’t really consider online stuff in the mix…”

Condemn (OR) Condone:

This is what I like to hear! I knew that gamers would be able to spend a lot of time just roaming around, but I’m glad to hear that there is a solid chunk of time that will be dedicated solely to the game’s story. Once that is all done, you still have a bunch of other stuff to do and you haven’t even touched the online component yet! Now *that* is exciting…

Judgment: Condone


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104 thoughts on “News Judgment – Watch Dogs' Story Mode Lasts 35-40 Hours

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