Reserved Judgment – See How People (Like Me) Are Dying In Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II has finally been released and it’s causing all kinds of mental trauma to all who play it. This game has become even more difficult compared to its already difficult predecessors, and Namco Bandai has a incorporated a stat tracker that records all the ways that people are dying in the game.

The following is the amount of times that people have died through various ways in Dark Souls II. Note: I account for MANY of these deaths.

  • Falls: 590,589 deaths
  • Traps: 57,509 deaths
  • Other players: 43,711 deaths
  • Enemies: 2,186,193 deaths
  • Other: 91,500 deaths

So, as you can see, simply falling off of things is by far the most common way for people to die in Dark Souls II. I can personally vouch for this, as I often end up falling off of narrow pathways or when blindly running away from an enemy trying to flippin’ murder me. There will be many more where that came from…

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