Star Citizen

Star Citizen Crowdfunding Has Reached $39 million

Star Citizen

The amount of money that has been crowdfunded for Chris Roberts‘ upcoming space simulator Star Citizen is ridiculous. Thanks to the contributions of everyday people, the game has now raised $39 million.

The game isn’t due to launch until sometime in 2015, but until then it looks like it has plenty of supporters. Nearly 400,000 people have donated to the campaign and that number looks to continue to rise. The game has raised more money than any other crowdfunded game in history.

Roberts had previously mentioned that if the game got $39 million that they will announce a “new goal that will help chart the course for the future of Star Citizen in a different way.”

Condemn OR Condone: It’s incredible that a game has received this much money from just crowdfunding. It shows that the game has a lot of support, but at the same time also puts a lot of pressure on developer Crowd Imperium Games to deliver something amazing. It HAS to deliver that at this point.

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