PC Games Reveals Risen 3: Titan Lords


According to German magazine PC Games, the fantasy series Risen is being continued with a third installment called Risen 3: Titan Lords. The game is on the cover of the magazine, which can be viewed at the bottom of the post.

Although there aren’t many details to report on a release date or plot synopsis for the game, we can tell that the game has a medieval setting, which will perhaps be a back-to-basics for the series considering the second installment had a more nautical setting.

All games in the series have been developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver, falling under the action role-playing genre. The first game, Risen, was released in 2009 while its sequel, Risen 2: Dark Waters was released in 2012. Both games have received mixed reviews.


Condemn OR Condone: This series hasn’t been all that well received, so I’m not sure a 3rd entry is really something that a lot of people are asking for. However, considering this could be a back-to-basics game for the series maybe they can improve upon what they have attempted in the past.

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