Cry Wolf

Telltale Games Releases The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Trailer

Telltale Games has revealed the trailer for the final episode of the first season of The Wolf Among Us. The fifth episode is called Cry Wolf, and will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and iOS.

Watch the trailer for Cry Wolf below. [youtuber youtube=’’%5D

Cry Wolf will be released on July 8th for PC/Mac worldwide and PlayStation 3 in North America, July 9th for Xbox 360 worldwide and PlayStation 3 in Europe and July 10th for iOS worldwide.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Trailer Previews Early Series Tunes

Square Enix is working on a music game for the 3DS that will utilize music from the Final Fantasy series called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and today they have revealed a trailer that contains music from the first 3 entries in the series.

What sets apart this latest entry in the series is that it will contain music from spin-off titles, such as the phenomenal Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is set to have over 200 tracks and will be open to further tracks via DLC.

Check out the trailer below.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is scheduled for release on September 16th in the U.S. and September 19th in Europe.

Murdered Soul Suspect Developer Shuts Down

Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer Has Apparently Shut Down

Developer Airtight Games, who just recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect for last and current generation consoles, has reportedly shut down.

A contributor to GeekWire went to their building and was greeted with a sign on the door stating that the company is closing its doors and all of the office equipment was being sold for cheap.

It’s worth noting that both GameSpot and GeekWire have reached out to Airtight Games for confirmation, but all they received was a mail delivery failed notice. That definitely isn’t a promising sign.


Crimsonland Coming To PlayStation 4 On July 15h

In an interesting bit of news today, developer 10Tons has revealed that their 2003 top-down PC shooter Crimsonland will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this month on July 15th.

The developer made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, revealing that it is largely the same game with spruced up visuals and a bit more content. Here’s a snippet of the blog post discussing the game:

It’s not a complicated game. You play this Trooper guy. Aliens, giant spiders, zombies, and other monsters start coming at you from every direction. You shoot them, but more keep coming. Soon enough you’ll be running. Just when you think you’re dead, you get some awesome powerups and wipe the screen clear in few seconds, and it feels great. But an even bigger horde is already coming right at you.

Developer 10Tons is responsible for several games that have a more retro style, such as Sparkle and Boom Brigade. Check them out over at their website right here.


Natural Doctrine

'Natural Doctrine' Releases This September

The PlayStation 4 is going to have a pretty light rest of the year, which is thanks to several delays of some pretty big titles. This, however, makes smaller games on the schedule more intriguing. Natural Doctrine, then, could be the Playstation 4 game that will get some added exposure due to there really being nothing else going on for the system.

The game has been available in Japan, though over there its reception was less than glowing. Still, there have been plenty of games that don’t get well received in one place and then are loved somewhere else, so that’s really not much to judge a game on.

Natural Doctrine is a tactical RPG developed by Kadokawa Games and co-published by Kadokawa Games and NIS America, which has me intrigued due to the quality that these people are capable of producing. The game involves a universe where humans battle other races with magic and swords, with the protagonist named Jeff setting out to vanquish goblin dens to clear access to resources that will benefit the survival of the human race.

Natural Doctrine will release on September 16th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Enemy Front Banner

Enemy Front (Xbox 360) Review – Someone Please Shoot ME!!!

The World War II genre is one that has been milked for many years now, with just about every interesting style of gameplay or vision being utilized by several different series. Call of Duty was one such franchise that found so much success with it that it is now the biggest franchise in gaming and has 3 different developers making sequels on a 3-year cycle. There are countless imitators out there trying to find even a sliver of juice left in this machine, because they know that it will sell due its pedigree alone. Has developer CI Games found something with Enemy Front to breathe some fresh air back into this genre? The simple answer is no.

The concept of Enemy Front is pretty simple: you are a war correspondent named Robert Hawkins that is right in the middle of World War II. You will journey across many levels containing wave after wave of enemies and it is your job to get to the end in one piece. In the midst of this you will come across some characters that will help you along your journey, and the occasional flashback sequence will shine some more light on the big picture of the war. Really, though, this is a no-nonsense FPS game that requires little more than you to shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

That isn’t to say that it doesn’t attempt some other things to liven up this otherwise stale formula, as Enemy Front presents several scenarios where you can take a stealthier approach rather then going in guns blazing. However, in my experience with this game I found that just about every time I played that stealth made things take much longer and was really unnecessary due to the fact that just firing wildly will work every time. The enemies also seem to have cat-like senses, so when I even tried to be stealth-like I found that it would eventually result in the whole area becoming alert anyway. I’d like to think that this is due to my own incompetence with stealth mechanics, but due to my success with the genre in other games I don’t think that is the case.

Enemy Front

Although straight-forward gunplay is something that I have no problem with on paper, the way that Enemy Front implements it is like watching paint dry. Every scenario you find yourself in is relatively the same, with the level design, objectives and methods of getting through the level being pretty stagnant. You have to deal with this formula over and over and over again, making the game overstay its welcome far before you get to the credits. Plus, you have to deal with all of the little mechanical flubs along the way that make the experience even more infuriating. I found that there were times when I was completely behind cover and found that I was still getting hit by bullets and ultimately getting killed. Other times I would be shooting enemies directly in the chest, but the first couple of shots wouldn’t register at all.

Graphically, Enemy Front is pretty sub-par. While the environments are decent enough from a distance as most locations are outside in lush environments, the closer you get to any objects the ugly details become more clear. Very ugly textures mar just about every surface and character models are about as dull as can be. The cinematic sequences are even worse, as we are given close-up shots on speaking characters and notice that the lip-syncing with the dialogue is atrocious and the characters display little to no emotion at all. Couple that with just as unimpressive voice acting and you have a presentation that lacks any kind of appeal.

The game also has an online component, where you have the option of taking on people across the entire world in 3 whole game modes. The game modes you have to select from are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Transmission, but I am unable to report how any of these game modes perform as I could not get one single match going. I tried 5 different times on all 3 game modes and waited around 4 hours in the pre-game lobby in total, but could not find enough people to get a match going. This close after release, that is not a good sign at all. The only information I can give you here is that it is incredibly difficult to find a match on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Enemy Front

It’s rare that I come across a game where I am continuously dumbfounded by the rate at which it’s coming up short. It’s par for the course for any game to have some faults here and there, but usually they are easy to overlook thanks to a core mechanic that the developers really get right. The problem with Enemy Front is that it drops the ball in pretty much every area imaginable; never doing anything so badly that it’s unplayable, but never coming anywhere close to a point where the experience could be enjoyable. The World War II genre hasn’t been interesting in years, but Enemy Front has given us what is easily one of the worst examples of the genre yet.


Cliff Bleszinski

'Gears Of War' Creator Revealing New Game Soon

Cliff Bleszinski is the man that most will know as the game designer from Epic that created the incredibly-successful Gears of War franchise, dating back to the first game on the Xbox 360 back in 2006. However, he left Epic games and seemingly the video game industry in general not too long ago.

That is all about to change, apparently, as he has taken to his popular twitter account to post the following:


It is unknown what Cliff has been up to, but he previously stated interest in reviving the arena-style shooter genre. Whatever the heck it is he’s working on, we’ll find out within the next 7 days.