Killzone: Shadowfall getting Intercept co-op expansion

'Killzone: Shadowfall' Getting Intercept Co-Op Expansion In June

The PlayStation 4 exclusive FPS Killzone: Shadowfall is set to receive a co-op expansion in June that is called Intercept. What Intercept does is place you and up to three of your friends on Intelligence Squad Alpha, who are a special VSA team that have been tasked with going behind enemy lines and relaying information on the Helghast military.

The news revealed in a post on PlayStation.Blog, which also goes into detail about the combat roles you will have in Intercept. You have the choice between four different roles: Assault, Marksman, Medic and Tactician. You will essentially have to take down Helghast while simultaneously protecting your uplinks from assault.

Intercept comes with four arena maps that are based on areas from the single-player campaign. Interestingly, a stand-alone version is coming later this year for those who do not have Killzone: Shadowfall but still want to try out the co-op.

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