Tropico 5

The First Tropico 5 DLC Is Bringing The Cheese!

For those of you who can’t get enough of the latest installment in the Tropico series, well I have some interesting news for you to digest (HEH!). It has just been brought to my attention that the first DLC for Tropico 5┬áis going to focus on cheese production. If there was ever a bit of DLC that had my name on it, I do believe this is the one.

The DLC is known as “The Big Cheese” and will cost you $3.99, but will also be free for those proactive folks who pre-purchased on Steam. The game showcases El Presidente’s desire to make his own cheese factory, which just so happens to feature a production chain that relies on the labor of the island’s goats and llamas.

What’s the catch to all this amazing-ness? Well, all of the other countries will be trying to make a cheese factory that puts yours to shame. You better make sure your goats and llamas are prepared for lots of overtime.

The DLC is available right now dudes and dudettes!

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