Project CARS

Project CARS Launches On Wii U In 2015

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in November, but somewhere along the way the Wii U version fell out of the loop.

However, Marketing and PR Director Lee Kirton tweeted the following message:

“To confirm @WMDCars #projectcars will release November on #ps4 #xboxone #pc and #WiiU is coming 2015.”

So, the poor old Wii U version hasn’t been canned entirely, it’s just gonna take a little while longer to get that one out on the shelves. This seems to be the pattern as of late, as the more powerful versions of games that also stand to sell a hell of a lot more are given priority over the Wii U version. As long as they give it the proper attention and don’t make it a cheap downgrade then all will be well in the world.

20 thoughts on “Project CARS Launches On Wii U In 2015

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