Natural Doctrine

'Natural Doctrine' Releases This September

The PlayStation 4 is going to have a pretty light rest of the year, which is thanks to several delays of some pretty big titles. This, however, makes smaller games on the schedule more intriguing. Natural Doctrine, then, could be the Playstation 4 game that will get some added exposure due to there really being nothing else going on for the system.

The game has been available in Japan, though over there its reception was less than glowing. Still, there have been plenty of games that don’t get well received in one place and then are loved somewhere else, so that’s really not much to judge a game on.

Natural Doctrine is a tactical RPG developed by Kadokawa Games and co-published by Kadokawa Games and NIS America, which has me intrigued due to the quality that these people are capable of producing. The game involves a universe where humans battle other races with magic and swords, with the protagonist named Jeff setting out to vanquish goblin dens to clear access to resources that will benefit the survival of the human race.

Natural Doctrine will release on September 16th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

14 thoughts on “'Natural Doctrine' Releases This September

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