Star Fox Wii U

A New Star Fox Game Is In Development For Wii U

It was only teased during today’s Nintendo Direct event, but it has now been confirmed that Shigeru Miyamoto is taking on a brand new Star Fox game for Wii U.

Miyamoto apparently showed off the game at an E3 pre-event last night, showing off how the gamepad is being used to innovate the Star Fox formula. The tilt function of the gamepad will help control Fox’s Arwing, while both the gamepad’s screen and the TV will be used for navigation.

It should be mentioned that the game is in the early stages, but Miyamoto wanted to show the game to motivate the team to finish it as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “A New Star Fox Game Is In Development For Wii U

    1. Jai Guru

      Play what, exactly? You don’t even know what it is you can’t wait for. Star Fox has been a nearly open world exploration game, an on rails shooter, and an arcade lfight sim in the few entries it’s had.

      You nintendorks will buy ANYTHING so long as Miyamoto Christ’s name is on it. He could piss in a box and you’d pay money for it with the corner still dripping and warm. How can you be excited for something that you don’t even know?


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