Batman Arkham Knight

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Even The Odds Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Perhaps the most anticipated game for the rest of 2014 will be Rocksteady’s conclusion to the Batman: Arkham trilogy in the form of Batman: Arkham Knight. We have now received the first gameplayer trailer, and it is simply incredible.

The tone of the trailer is fittingly dark as we witness a new threat that tells everyone to abandon Gotham city or succumb to a terrible fate. As chaos ensues the Dark knight himself eventually shows up and we get a good look at his sick new suit and batmobile. Check out the trailer below. [youtuber youtube=’′%5D

Batman: Arkham Knight will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 14th.

My Judgment:

Well, I guess you could say I might be anticipating this game a little bit. OK, in all honesty, this game looks phenomenal and this new gameplay trailer just continues to further solidify the grip this game has on my brain. It hurts, but I’m willing to deal with the pain if the end product ends up being as good as it potentially could be. In other words… it’s kick-ass.

63 thoughts on “'Batman: Arkham Knight' Even The Odds Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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