Titanfall Expedition

'Titanfall: Expedition' Hitting Xbox 360 A Month After Xbox One & PC

Titanfall’s upcoming DLC called Expedition will not be coming out at the same time as its Xbox One & PC brothers. According to developer Blue Point Games, it will be coming in June.

A post on the Titanfall website says the following:

“Updates for the Xbox 360 will naturally follow behind similar updates for the PC and Xbox One. This timing difference is due to the same reasons that more time was needed to finish Titanfall for the Xbox 360. Respawn must first finish their additions and improvements for the Xbox One and PC, and afterwards Bluepoint can then grab the latest and update the Xbox 360 version. We’re working with Respawn and Bluepoint to streamline the process and close the gap, allowing Xbox 360 updates to be published as closely as possible to Respawn’s updates.”

When it does finally hit Xbox 360, it will cost $10 just like it does on Xbox One and PC.

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