Mad Max

Trailer Judgment – 'Mad Max' Magnum Opus Trailer

I had almost completely forgotten about the upcoming Mad Max game, but now that this trailer has dropped I guess that means it is officially back in the rotation. Developer Avalanche has released a new trailer called Magnum Opus, which shows off all of the car action and customization that will be present in the game.

In the Mad Max game, players will be able to customize the cars to fit their particular playing style. You can change things to account for more damage, land better jumps, add defense, and so on and so forth. Check out the Magnum Opus trailer below. [youtuber youtube=’’%5D

Condemn (OR) Condone:

The game looks pretty cool and I’m looking forward to diving into the world of Mad Max in the form of a video game, but this trailer hasn’t particularly sold me yet. The car customization looks cool, but at the same time it doesn’t show anything mind-blowing. Judgment: (R)

45 thoughts on “Trailer Judgment – 'Mad Max' Magnum Opus Trailer

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