Just Cause

'Just Cause 3' Coming In 2013?

The founder and creative chief officer of Avalanche Studios, Christofer Sundberg, has listed an unannounced sandbox game on his LinkedIn profile. Supposedly, this game is being created by Avalanche Studios New York and published by Square Enix.

On his LinkedIn profile, Sundberg says the following about the game:

“New installment in a very well-known game series. The game is being developed at Avalanche Studios New York studio and is scheduled for completion in June 2015 for next generation console platforms”

Condemn (OR) Condone:

Considering the amount of time that has taken place in-between installments, saying that the third entry in the series is coming out next year certainly isn’t out of the question. Little hints have been dropped for a while now, so maybe this will finally lead to an official announcement.

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