Resident Evil 7

Capcom To Reveal Resident Evil 7 At E3?

According to a report from the Sankei financial news paper, there’s a possibility of Capcom revealing Resident Evil 7 at this year’s E3. There is no way to confirm this, but the newspaper is a reliable source.

It’s also worth noting that Capcom recently announced that they will be showing off a new game at this year’s E3, so if these two pieces of information are linked then it could very well be the return of Resident Evil.

The last Resident Evil game was Resident Evil 6 which came out in 2012 and was met with very negative reviews.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I really hope that Capcom does reveal a new Resident Evil game, but I also hope they have taken the opportunity to bring the series back to its roots. If E3 comes around and we’re met with another crap fest that the series has been known for as of late, then count me out. However, its my optimistic thinking that Capcom is stepping up to the plate, and thus my judgment is Strongly Condone.

48 thoughts on “Capcom To Reveal Resident Evil 7 At E3?

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