Resident Evil 6

Get 'Resident Evil 6' On Xbox 360 For $8 Right Now Through Amazon

Have you been waiting for a super cheap price to finally give a shot to the critically-panned Resident Evil 6? Well, now might be your best chance as online retailer Amazon is offering the Xbox 360 version of the game for just $8.

Resident Evil 6 launched in 2012 and although it sold reasonably well, it still fell short of Capcom‘s estimate and was shunned by critics. In fact, the result of Resident Evil 6 was so bad that the company is going back to the drawing board on the series as a whole.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

The game may suck, but this is a good deal for Resident Evil fans that were weary on picking up the game initially. Although it may be $8 too expensive, it’s safe to say that you more than likely won’t find a deal better than this one for a brand new game. Proceed with caution.

44 thoughts on “Get 'Resident Evil 6' On Xbox 360 For $8 Right Now Through Amazon

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