Terraria's PS3 And Vita Update Is DLC-Sized

Developer Re-Logic will be releasing a massive free update for the PlayStaion 3 and Vita version of its open-world exploration game Terraria on April 17th. What’s in it? Nothing… other than everything.

The developer released a changelog of all the new things that are being brought to the table in this new update, and let me tell you that it packs quite a flippin’ punch. You can view the entire humongous thing right here, but among all of the new goodies is bug fixes, a bunch of new enemies, a few new enemies and over 1000 new items.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

Now this is a sign of a good developer. For crying out loud, the Call of Duty delivers an eighth of this amount of content and charges you for it! Re-Logic, my hat (if I was wearing one) goes off to you.

93 thoughts on “Terraria's PS3 And Vita Update Is DLC-Sized

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