Killzone Mercenary

Killzone Mercenary Adds Bots To Multiplayer Via Botzone Soldier Training Pack

As requested heavily by fans, bots are finally making their way to the multiplayer aspect of Killzone Mercenary on PlayStation Vita. However, this addition is coming in the form of DLC that must be purchased.

The DLC is called the Botzone Soldier Training Pack and will unlock the ability to go up against up to 7 bots across all of the game’s multiplayer maps. Hosts can control how many bots and humans are to be included in each match, and the bots will have access to all of the gameplay features that a human player has.

Lastly, a new set of trophies will be included with this new DLC. Check out complete list of features on PlayStation.Blog.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I like that bots are coming to Killzone Mercenary (always a good thing for a handheld game with a far smaller amount of players), but I think this is something that should be free and not part of DLC. Bots should be a given in FPS’ at this point, and charging for that functionality is a little strange to me.

115 thoughts on “Killzone Mercenary Adds Bots To Multiplayer Via Botzone Soldier Training Pack

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