Future Titanfall Update Types Discussed By Game's Director

Although Titanfall‘s first DLC pack was just announced, there will be a lot of updates coming to the game that will be free. The game’s director Steve Fukuda discussed that there will be a few different types of updates that will be rolled out in between map packs in the future.

Fukuda said that the updates will fall into 3 categories: Minor updates that will tend to small bugs and glitches, Convenience updates that will make certain game elements more user-friendly, and lastly the Infrastructure updates that will bring sizable changes to the game, such as private matches.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

It’s good to know that minor and major upgrades won’t be pinned down exclusively to DLC. I’m hoping that some substantial content will com that will beef out some of the game’s modes, but some of that has a good chance of coming with a price.

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