The Evil Within PAX East Gameplay Trailer Is Nuts

The Scoop:

The Evil Within is set to have a playable build at PAX East, but Bethesda has gone ahead and revealed the gameplay trailer to get everyone all excited.

In this trailer we see detective Sebastien Castellanos and his partners investigating a mass murder, but when they arrive at the scene the detective’s partners are slaughtered by an unknown entity.

The Evil Within launches for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on August 26th. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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Condemn (OR) Condone:

This gameplay trailer confirms my anticipation for this game. I am so wanting for a survival horror game that more closely resembles the classic Resident Evil games rather than the new ones, and this trailer shows off that constant sense of dread. What I like about what this trailer shows is that there is even more of a mental insanity element going on, and we all know that insanity is basically a gold mine for the horror genre. My judgment is Condone.

[Note] For a breakdown of the judgments click here.

106 thoughts on “The Evil Within PAX East Gameplay Trailer Is Nuts

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