LEGO The Hobbit To Add Third Film As DLC?

LEGO The Hobbit hits shelves next week and will take gamers on an adventure that will span the first two films in Peter Jackson’s three film Hobbit story. Many (including myself) wondered why they wouldn’t just wait a little while and release the game with as a package that included the entirety of Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

Well, if the following rumor is to be believed, it all makes more sense now. The Lego fan site Brick Fanatics reports that the developers of the game are planning on releasing the final part of the story, which is called There And Back Again, as DLC.

Reps from WB Games were questioned on whether or not this news was true, but they made no comment.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I can see the developers doing this, as it is major DLC that is pretty much guaranteed to be purchased. However,  it’s a crappy move. As is, you are releasing a game that is incomplete, and you are then asking fans – who already forked over full price for the game, mind you – to pay more money for the game’s conclusion. That’s nasty – plain and simple.

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