Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood Is The Definitive Rambo Game

So, everyone knows that a certain Rambo game came out recently and pretty much everyone agrees that it is giant pile of crap. Well, a new indie game called Rambo: Last Blood has come to show us a REAL Rambo game… sort of.

Rambo: Last Blood consists of Rambo being hit by a bus and going to Heaven, where he must then repent for his sins of slaughtering people by giving them a big, manly hug. Yes, you read that correctly. What follows is utter hilarity as Rambo must figure out how to approach those he killed and then time his big man grabs perfectly to pull them in for a hug.

You can check out the game right here.

127 thoughts on “Rambo: Last Blood Is The Definitive Rambo Game

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