Unity On 3DS?

It was recently announced that Unity would be bringing 50 games to the Wii U in the future, which is something that the Wii U could definitely benefit from. However, it has now been revealed that the 3DS may also be getting Unity.

Nintendo America’s Marketing Manager Damon Baker spoke with Siliconera and said the following:

“Our priority was to get the Wii U build [of Unity] up and done and ready. Because we need a test environment for it, it’s taken a while for Unity to get finalized on Wii U, so that we can actually test against it. So that has been made available now and that is why we’ve got all of these [game] candidates waiting in the wings that are just going through the submission process at this point.”


“Now, we can move on to other platforms and see how we can make those compatible, either with Unity or with additional middleware providers as well. So, 3DS is definitely an exciting platform for us, because we’ve got a huge install base, and we want to take advantage of that. We’ve got a lot of developers that want to take advantage of it. So, we’re working towards that as well. But nothing to announce at this time.”


This would be a great thing for Nintendo, as having something that could bring a few dozen new games to both of their current consoles would be a big boost. I would focus on the Wii U first because that’s the system that needs it most, but once that is all out of the way I would definitely like to try some of these indie games on the 3DS.

91 thoughts on “Unity On 3DS?

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