News Judgment – Watch Dogs' PlayStation Exclusive Content

It had been previously reported that Watch Dogs will have exclusive content on its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 versions. Now, Ubisoft has revealed a trailer that shows off just what the PlayStation versions will offer that the others wont.

The video shows that the PlayStation versions will have 4 exclusive missions, which include protagonist Aiden working with hacker group DedSec. Ubisoft claims these missions will last about an hour. Upon completion of these missions, players will receive bonus tech points and a white hacker outfit.

Check out the exclusive PlayStation content below!

[youtuber youtube=’’%5D

Condemn (OR) Condone:

Even though it isn’t a *ton* of exclusive content, this definitely gives PlayStation the edge on which version is the best. This seems to be a trend lately with cross-platform games come to PlayStation. I was planning on playing it on PS4, anyways, due to the genre of the game.

Judgment: o(R)


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