Trailer Judgment – Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order has a new trailer called On A Train To Berlin, and it brings with it some truly bone-chilling characters and situations.

In the trailer we witness Frau Engel putting the protagonist in a situation where he must pick a series of cards, with not apparent rhyme or reason as to which is the correct answer. However, you get the feeling that if he makes the wrong choice then he will be killed instantly. Check it out below.

[youtuber youtube=’’%5D

Condemn (OR) Condone:

This trailer effectively chilled me to the bone. The villain in this game seems appears so sinister and creepy, and I can’t wait to dive in this world and see what these nuts are all about.

Judgment: Condone


The judgments are the following:

CondemnHate it | (O)rDislike it | (OR)Indifferent | o(R)Like it | CondoneLove it

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