Reserved Judgment – Evolve Was Originally A Last-Gen Game?

Developer Turtle Rock’s studio founder Chris Ashton has confirmed that the upcoming multiplayer experience Evolve began development as a last gen title.

Ashton said the following in an interview with VG247:

“When we were with THQ we didn’t even know when the next-gen systems were coming, so when we started development the idea was to go to current-gen, but as soon as those doors opened it was going to be a really brutal challenge to maintain the type of game we wanted to make.


There were a lot of concerns [on last-gen]: could we have enough foliage for the monster to hide in? Could we simulate enough wildlife for the monster to eat? – all kinds of simulation tests like how many cycles it was going to take, and how many wildlife we could support.


We were having to put low-caps on that sort of stuff. It was really hurting the game and I’m not talking about visuals, these are things that are core to the game Evolve, and so fortunately the next-gen systems came out, 2K adopted the title and we all took a look together at both options.


The right decision was to go exclusive to next-gen to make sure that the vision for the game could actually be executed on.”

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