News Judgment – SimCity Can Now Be Played Offline

SimCity was one of the most disappointing games that was released last year, simply for the fact that the game was a flippin’ mess when it was released. There were so many bugs and mechanical limitations in the game that made the whole experience a nightmare. A major factor of this is the fact that the game could not be played offline, which means that gamers always had to deal with the game’s shoddy servers. However, that has now all changed! Update 10 (yes, 10!) has been released, and this means that you can play the game offline. Every SimCity game before this one allowed the player to play offline, so why this one was an exception is a mystery to this guy. EA has released a list of all the new stuff you can expect with the update, and you can read it right here!

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Even though SimCity was a train wreck when it first released, it is good to know that the developers have been doing everything they can to make the experience better. It’s insane to think that the game has gotten 10 updates already, and as more and more time passes it looks like this version of SimCity is becoming more and more like the game that players were hoping for.

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