Trailer Judgment – Angry Birds Epic Gameplay Trailer

It was recently announced that the Angry Birds series would be making its way into the turn-based RPG genre, and now we have our first taste of what that will all look like.

Developer Rovio has released a gameplay trailer that is just under a minute long, but shows off a lot of great stuff. First of all, the Angry Birds visual charm is there in full force, but it also looks like the RPG elements are done really well, too. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

[youtuber youtube=’′%5D

Condemn (OR) Condone:

This game looks *so* ridiculous, but in the best way possible. Don’t get me wrong – I love flinging those birds at those pigs – but to now be able to take them on in turn-based RPG combat is going to be incredible. This is one spin-off that sounds too good to pass up!

Judgment: Condone


The judgments are the following:

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