Reserved Jugment – Amazon's Gaming Console May Stream PC Games?

After the supposed Amazon controller was leaked online very recently, people have been wondering more than ever just what this new console from Amazon is going to be able to do. If sources (unnamed) are to be believed, it may be able to stream PC games along with micro games.

TechCrunch was the one who spilled the beans, though it’s unclear thus far if their sources can be trusted. If this is true, then it means that Amazon’s console will have an advantage over the Ouya, GameStick and M.O.J.O., which are consoles that all feature mobile game ports and small downloadable games.

While this micro game market is not one that I or many hardcore gamers are interested in, if Amazon can indeed allow you to stream big-name PC games then it makes the system a bit more interesting. However, the system overall is still a big question mark and we’ll have to wait and see the deal once official information is released.

102 thoughts on “Reserved Jugment – Amazon's Gaming Console May Stream PC Games?

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