News Judgment – Angry Birds Epic Announced

The Angry Birds brand has been one of the biggest brands in gaming for a while now, and it has even expanded outside of its original fling-birds-at-pigs formula. Now, developer Rovio is moving the series into an RPG adventure with turn-based combat.

According to reports, the game will be story driven and will contain challenging gameplay. You will have the ability to craft items such as armor, potions and weapons, which will be a very important aspect of the game. It will first launch in Australia and Canada to work out the kinks before it launches in North America and Europe.

The game is planned to launch globally by the end of the year on Andoid, iOS and Windows Phone.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

I might not be a big fan of iOS games, but Angry Birds is the one exception. I think the concept is so simplistically genius that it can thrive in just about any area it aims to, and I think the RPG genre will be no exception. Now I’ll be able to shout “THOSE F*&$ING PIGS” while failing in turn-based combat!

Judgment: Condone


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